Heavy Duty Stock Oiler Options

Wiper Bearing Guides

Wiper Bearing Guides are standard on all Type “B” Stock Oiler

Wiper Bearing Guides are useful for guiding the leading edge of the material through the felt wipers.

Lower Drip Tube

(Back of Oiler pan is cut away for viewing)

Lower Drip Tube Option allows for greater lubricant flow control on the bottom roll. Note that Drip Tube inputs are at BOTH ends of the Drip Tube. Lower Drip Tubes are not available on “CG” Stock Oilers.

Heavy Duty Pump Options


Centrifugal Pump/Reservoir (Standard Equipment)

The 1/4-h.p. Centrifugal Pump is good for light-weight water solubles, and for petroleum oils up to an equivalent of a 30/40wt. SAE (SSU 500)

Available with either a 10 gal. or a 20 gal. Reservoir.

Gear Pump/Reservoir

The 3/4-h.p. Gear Pump is good for any type of lubricant, from the lightest to the heavy “honey oils”. It is excellent for lubricants that have a tendency to “foam” when being pumped. A 14 gal.lon Reservoir is standard.

Pump on left is plumbed for 3 outputs – 2 outputs to the Drip Tube and 1 output to the Pan. Pump on right is plumbed for 4 outputs – 2 outputs to the top Drip Tube, and 2 outputs to the optional lower Drip Tube.

Either style of Pump is available in single phase 115/230, or in three phase 230/460.

Special voltages are also available.