Heavy Duty Stock Oiler Rolls

The Heavy Duty Stock Oiler Rolls are available in either Commercial Quality covering, or in cast Urethane covering. Both styles of covering are mounted on the same fabricated steel core.

Carpet is wire-laced, glued & riveted to the tube for maximum life.

Urethane is cast to 1/2″ thick and then ground to perfect smoothness.

1/8″ thick steel tubing is the core of the Roll.

1/8″ thick End Caps are internally welded to the tube. End Cap flange keeps the carpet in position.

1/8″ support plate is welded to the End Cap and to the Shaft Collar to assure no failure will occur in an extreme pressure situation.

1-1/2 inch Shaft Collar is welded to the End Cap and to the Support Plate. Shaft Collar is bored to 1.005, +.002-.001 for accurate Roll turning.

Stamping Specialty Co. offers Commercial Quality Carpet Roll recovering services for our customers.