Type “CF” Oilers


Type “CF” Stock Oilers are for coil applications where a recirculating forced-fed pump is required to keep a constant flow of lubricant moving through the Oiler. Virtually any type and viscosity of lubricant can be used.The Oiler shown at left is equipped with the optional Lower Drip Tube. Drip Tubes are fed from both ends.


Power driven rolls pull the material smoothly through the Stock  Oiler, lubricating both sides of the material.  Separate lubricant controls for the top rolls, and for the bottom rolls, enable the operator to adjust for the desired application rate (with optional lower drip tube).

Entrance side shown. Gear Pump is plumbed for standard inputs into the Top Drip Tube, and into the pan.

Exit side shown. Plumbed for inputs into Top Drip Tube, and into the optional Bottom Roll Drip Tube.


All Heavy Duty Stock Oilers are equipped with replaceable hard felt Wipers on the exit side for maximum control.

Upper Drip Tube

Lower Drip Tube

1 1/4″ Return to Pump

A Centrifugal Pump is standard with all Heavy Duty Stock Oilers, handling water-soluble lubricants or light oils up to SAE 30/40.

For heavy oil applications or for lubricants that have a tendency to “foam” when pumped, then a Geared Pump is recommended.  The 3/4 H.P. Geared Pump is equipped with a 14 gallon Reservoir.

Choose either 115/230 single-phase, or 230/460 three-phase.