Type “CG” Oilers


stsp1001076Lubricant is supplied to the Drip Tube by the two 1-gallon tanks. Lubricant in the pan is manually filled by the operator when the level gets too low. The “CG” gravity-fed Oiler can be easily converted to a “CF”.

Type “CG” Stock Oilers are built to the same rugged standards as the Type “CF” machines. Any “CG” style Stock Oiler can be converted to a “CF” style with the addition of a standard Pump and plumbing.

Stand heights have a full 12-inch adjustment. The telescoping rod is a 2-inch diameter solid steel bar, and is 18 inches long.

The heavy 1/8″ thick steel welded Drip Tube Tanks are built as rugged as the rest of the Stock Oiler.